Peter Bagge's end-of-the world buddy comedy Apocalypse Nerd may air on BBC

Peter Bagge, the creator of seminal 90s satire comic Hate, may see his Dark Horse Comics miniseries Apocalypse Nerd go to the BBC. The story follows two friends who go camping one weekend and return to Armageddon. Here's the trailer.

Director/producer Tupaq Felber recently alerted us to the trailer for his adaptation of Apocalypse Nerd, entitled Wasted. Here's the preview and synopsis:

A new 6 episode comedy-drama, exploring the edges of genre and style with the unique voice that distinguishes the best of television today. WASTED is the story of Douglas and Gordon, two friends battling their quarter-life crisis, who come home from a weekend in the woods to find the world has come to an end. WASTED is an adaptation of the Dark Horse Comic's (300, Hellboy, 30 Days of Night), 'Apocalypse Nerd' by Peter Bagge, produced exclusively for British TV. Weird, funny, heartwarming and then a bit more weird. WASTED is to Cult British TV what global annihilation is to human kind: the next big thing.


The series was originally titled Fallout until the makers of a certain post-apocalyptic videogame took note. Even though the preview is quick and BBC might not pick it up, we certainly hope they do. The clip echoes Shaun of the Dead, and the end times are ripe for comedic pratfalls. Here's the above scene from Bagge's 2005 miniseries:

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