Since everybody's freaking out about the Jurassic World trailer, almost no one's paying attention to the first trailer for Joe Wright's strange Peter Pan prequel movie. I don't know if that's good or bad, because Pan looks incredibly weird.

First, there's Hugh Jackman's eccentric pirate Blackbeard, then there's the fact that young Peter seems to have a Harry Potter-esque destiny in store, complete with a mysterious "pan" necklace that marks him as special. Most shocking is the fact that not only do Peter and a young, pre-Captain Hook meet in the movie, they seem to be pals! This is not at all what we were expecting.


On the plus side, the movie seems epic, action-packed, and utterly fantastic in the more fantasy-specific version of the word; plus, it's directed by Joe Wright, who helmed Hanna, the great 2005 Pride & Prejudice movie, and whom we trust pretty implicitly. We're not sure how Pan will end up, but as Meredith always says, fingers crossed.