Peter And Hook Are BFFs In The Bizarre First Trailer For Pan

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Since everybody's freaking out about the Jurassic World trailer, almost no one's paying attention to the first trailer for Joe Wright's strange Peter Pan prequel movie. I don't know if that's good or bad, because Pan looks incredibly weird.


First, there's Hugh Jackman's eccentric pirate Blackbeard, then there's the fact that young Peter seems to have a Harry Potter-esque destiny in store, complete with a mysterious "pan" necklace that marks him as special. Most shocking is the fact that not only do Peter and a young, pre-Captain Hook meet in the movie, they seem to be pals! This is not at all what we were expecting.

On the plus side, the movie seems epic, action-packed, and utterly fantastic in the more fantasy-specific version of the word; plus, it's directed by Joe Wright, who helmed Hanna, the great 2005 Pride & Prejudice movie, and whom we trust pretty implicitly. We're not sure how Pan will end up, but as Meredith always says, fingers crossed.

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Poet Desmond

I can't meh hard enough at this. A white Tiger Lily, Peter and Hook as friends, oh, and of course he's a special boy from a special place, rather than just a boy who refused to grow up and thought his parents rejected him. I've never actually been one of those "rabble rabble, the lore!" people before, but the story is so fucking simple, while being good that changing it can only be described as fucking stupid.

There is nothing good in this.