Person of Interest's A.I. war seems to be heating up once again — and the above clip shows a chilling moment where this week's Number comes a little too close to the truth about Samaritan. Spoilers ahead...


Actually, the most interesting thing about this week's Person of Interest, "Search and Destroy," is that it seems to show Samaritan getting a bit nervous. And making mistakes. Samaritan is apparently scared enough of the Machine that it tasked an entire anti-virus company with trying to track down any hint of the Machine's unique code, anywhere in the world... and it failed. It also does an elaborate sting to take out the CEO of the anti-virus company, by revealing all his secrets and framing him for embezzlement. And meanwhile, in this episode, we see Martine champing at the bit to take a more active role — but Samaritan randomly decides it wants to destroy Sulaiman Khan (Aasif Mandvi) itself, which turns out to be kind of a baroque undertaking. Samaritan's failure to take out Khan leads to the Machine Gang finding its hidden data center, in the middle of nowhere, and Martine nearly gets killed by Root.

Speaking of which, Root's subplot this week was mysterious, even by her standards. She steals an impregnable briefcase, which contains a priceless Faberge egg, and then destroys the egg. Does she just need an unbreakable briefcase for some reason? And if so, what?


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