Person of Interest delivers a caper, with a side of serious OMG

Last night's Person of Interest was mostly a pretty old-school caper story, with a number of the week who pulls pretty much every kind of con except a retcon. But then we had some major reveals, too, and a pretty scary encounter with The Future.

So I'm beginning to think that somebody writing for Person of Interest doesn't like psychologists very much. First there was Root the fake shrink, and this week's Number was a fake hypnotherapist who got personal details from his clients in order to figure out their bank passwords. It's all fun and games until he starts conning The Swede, who launders money for HR. Now our hypno-grifter is part of a "twofer" hit on the Swede, which the head of HR has given to Lasky.


I love the scene where Carter and Fusco help Lasky get out of killing the Swede by pouring fake blood on his face and taking stuff photos that Lasky can send to the HR honchos. Most of the Hypno caper is just that: a caper. Hypno genuinely loves his girlfriend, and is hoping his final score from the Swede will allow him to skip town with her. Unfortunately — of course — she's an even bigger con artist than him and manages to make off with a baseball worth 4 million (don't even ask).

The interesting part of the episode is really Carter's discovery that Quinn is behind HR. One of the HR honchos busts in on Carter and Lasky looking at spy photos of the head HR guy glad-handing Quinn and some other guys. In a tense faceoff, the HR dude shoots Lasky dead, and Carter shoots the HR guy. You can tell Carter is genuinely sad to see Lasky die, but the rest of us were breathing a sigh of relief because all we really want is for Fusco to take back the screen time that Lasky was hogging.

"Tell me who HR reports to!" the grieving Carter yells at the HR guy, who is bleeding out. In a final dying gesture, the HR guy fingers a picture of Quinn with his bloody hand. Aha! Now Carter knows what's what. And she's feeling pretty weird about that coffee Quinn bought her earlier in the episode.

Also, Finch is feeling pretty weird about Root. He's still got her locked up in his library/office, and she's taunting him about how the Machine called her instead of him. "But don't worry, mother still loves us both," she sneers. I really cannot wait to find out why Root thinks of the Machine as female. Is this something she invented, or is it the Machine's preference too?


Anyway, the episode ends with Root telling Finch that she's "worried" about him because he's not embracing the future represented by the Machine's freedom. She's got a point. The Machine is clearly autonomous, and clearly wants to team up with Root. Either Finch is going to accept that he's created an AI or he's going to find himself in the ashcan of history. If he's really unlucky, that ashcan will look like one of those scenes from Terminator with all the fire and skulls.

It's time for Finch to let Root and the Machine talk to each other again. He needs to talk to the Machine too. Enough with the capers. I'm ready for a giant slab of quivering, raw future.


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