Perhaps the most unnecessarily complex mecha transformation in anime history

In this scene from the movie Starbirds — which was a mish-mash of episodes of the 1980s Japanese cartoon Tōshō Daimos — the formation of a giant robot requires a zip line, aggressive sloganeering, an entire hidden bridge, near-death experiences, and some interpretative dance for good measure. In the future, a bizarre strain of amnesia has seemingly drained humans of the cognitive capacity to make keys.


[Via Metafilter]

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Corpore Metal

I think this all stems from not really having seen the start up sequences of dangerous and powerful machinery. For example, think of the bomb arming sequence in Dr. Strangelove. Think of the whatever arming sequence they have to follow before firing the LHC. I'm sure it both elaborate and yet low key at the same time.

Maybe they just type in a few passwords at a bash prompt, enter a few commands at the same prompt, then lift a trigger guard and turn a key to fire it.

You know, now I'm curious about this. What is the firing sequence for the LHC? Do they have video of that anywhere? Or just a step-by-step text description?