Perhaps the funkiest scientific journal cover ever published

Pictured on the left is the cover of this week's Biophysical Journal. On it, muscle motor proteins known as myosin can be seen translocating (a.k.a. "walking") across an actin filament. You will surely notice that this particular myosin motor – Myosin-V – appears to be walking with a rather fantastic gait. This is no accident.

On the right is the cover art for the record album "Truckin' My Blues Away" (drawn by cartoonist Robert Crumb), from which this week's publication draws its inspiration. Like Crumb's character "Mr. Natural," Myosin-V "tilts and wobbles" to complete its step. Check out the journal cover, the album cover, and the song that inspired them both below.


[Biophysical Journal via It's Okay to be Smart]


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