Percy Jackson May Be Your New Spider-Man, Part Deux

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Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman has long been rumored to be the next Peter Parker in Marc Webb's Spidey reboot. Today it was announced that Lerman's got the part "almost 100% locked." Damn, and we were pulling for Bruce Campbell.


Today Hitfix announced that Lerman is slated to portray Peter Parker in (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb's reboot of the web-slinger's franchise. According to the Hitfix source, Lerman's a lock but has yet to enter contract negotiations. Of course, Lerman has been considered the top contender for Peter Parker for several months, so it's worth taking this news with a grain of salt. And yet, at the February premiere for The Lightning Thief, Lerman told io9


It's any actor's dream to be considered for that role. Even to be considered for Spider-Man, and I'm just hoping I am.

So yeah, Lerman's neither confirmed nor denied his involvement in Spider-Man and was pretty coy when put on the spot. This report could have some veracity after all, but we're still furiously writing letters to our congressmen to score some federal backing for our "Sir Bruce Initiative."

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