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Pepper Potts suits up in her own armor in the newest Iron Man 3 trailer!

We've heard the rumors, but this newest Iron Man 3 TV spot confirms it — Pepper Potts has her own Iron Man armor. Well, technically she's Iron Woman, but I hope they use the infinitely more awesome Iron Lady, if she gets an official name at all. Not that we really needed any more reasons to be excited about Iron Man 3, but this officially seals the deal.


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Corpore Metal

Well, canon has it that her armor and nom de guerre is called Rescue. But really I don't care what they call her as long as as her armor is designed right—no stupid, dangerous "feminizing" touches like a pony tail port in the helmet or a boob plate to direct projectiles straight through her sternum. It's gotta be like a high tech version of Brienne's armor.