People want to live inside pieces of San Francisco's old Bay Bridge

It's like some terrible parody of William Gibson's novel Virtual Light, where squatters occupy the trashed remains of the Bay Bridge. A techie wants to "upcycle" part of the decommissioned bridge span into an Airbnb rental.

Now that the newly-constructed span of the Bay Bridge is open for traffic, the city has to decide what to do with the massive hunks of steel from the old bridge span. Fast Company reports that David Grieshaber hopes that he can grab just a chunk of that old bridge for himself, so that he can turn it into some combination of museum, Airbnb rental, and apartment. Below is the chunk of the bridge he'd like, highlighted in blue.


San Francisco's Planning Commission is notorious for being utterly nightmarish when it comes to development projects, so don't expect this to happen any time soon — or ever. But I have to admit that I love the idea of turning the old Bay Bridge into housing. I just don't think it should be an elite Airbnb thing. Maybe we could turn some of it into public housing, some into community centers, and some into a giant art project run by the people from the old Cacophony Society.

Hey — a San Francisco citizen can dream, alright?

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