People Have Been Visiting Stonehenge for 9,000 Years, Say Archaeologists

A new dig at pagan holy zone Stonehenge in England has revealed that people have been flocking to the spot for at least 9 millennia. Researchers determined this by dating rocks chipped by human hands, as well as the remnants of fires. Though it's not clear what drew visitors through the ages, anthropologists now believe that the many pools in the area were believed to have healing powers. So it was a cross between a hospital, a place of worship, and (after the large rocks were added) a scientific observatory for tracking seasons. Even more intriguing is the idea that people did not come for the giant, tall stones set there — those stones, though familiar to us now, are actually quite recent. In fact the real draw were the smallish "bluestones," dark blue rocks full of sparkling bits of quartz, which were dragged to the area from South Wales, 150 miles away. [via UK Guardian]


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