Most of us can pretty confidently guess what is and isn’t allowed on an airplane. No weapons is a big one. And yet, in recent months though one item that should pretty obviously a “cannot bring on board” item has been consistently been confiscated by the TSA: Batarangs.

Multiple companies make licensed, and unlicensed, versions of the device and so many people are trying to get them through security, the TSA has taken to their Instagram account to let people know that even though it’s related to Batman, you can’t bring sharp throwing objects on a plane.


Somehow, this has been a problem for quite a while. Here’s a TSA Instagram from a year ago.

Here’s another from six months ago. This is where they really start to get pissed.


And here’s a third from just a few days ago.


That’s not even all of them. The Hollywood Reporter has more and talked to the TSA about this ongoing issue. “Passengers are not allowed to bring anything on a plane that resembles a weapon, so anything like a boomerang or anything like that would not be permitted in the airplane cabin,” Mike England, a TSA spokesman, told the publication. “They can be placed in your checked baggage along with your grapple gun, bat-saw, collapsible bat-sword, and other utility belt items.”

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