People are building enormous farms in the ruins of Detroit

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Detroit isn't a decaying city anymore — it's a city in transition. Though its population dropped by 50 percent in the past half-century, and roughly a third of its buildings are abandoned, the place is coming to life again. Farmers are taking over the industrial wastes.


According to Next Nature:

Local businessman John Hantz just bought 600,000 square meters of land from the city of Detroit with an option to buy an additional 700,000, promising to demolish all the existing (abandoned) buildings, clean up the land, and plant hardwood trees. The Bank of America announced plans to demolish 100 homes and donate the land to urban agriculture. They’re not alone, as other small-scale urban farmers are adapting what’s left of the city to meet their needs.

Just as Detroit was once the city of the future because it was devoted to the auto industry, now it might embody the future of environmental city design.

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This is...unsettling.

Is this an indication that poor people in this country are going to have to resort to subsistence farming to eat?