People are Asking AT&T Customer Service to Release the Snyder Cut of Justice League

A poster for Justice Leaguei.
A poster for Justice Leaguei.
Image: Warner Bros.

This is what you might call corporate miscommunication.

Some context: as of yesterday, AT&T has wrapped up its massive purchase of Time Warner, a move that give sit control of Warner Bros., CNN, and HBO, among others. This means that the entire DC Extended Universe on film, including Justice League, is now ultimately the property of AT&T.


For fans who have been lobbying for the release of the mythical “Snyder cut,” a version of Justice League made entirely out of Zack Snyder’s footage which may or may not exist in any watchable form, this means that there’s suddenly someone else to yell at.

So, like everyone else ever mad at AT&T, Zack Snyder fans are now stuck in customer service hell.

I’m of two minds about this. I don’t endorse bothering customer service representatives, like, ever. Please do not send mean or harassing thing sto anyone, even if you think it’s automated. But, honestly, if you’re going to be mad at someone online, and you’re going to be polite about it, AT&T is not the worst option you could come up with.

Either way, at least until AT&T cottons onto the gag, this is pretty funny.

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