Loving this little graphic from the folks at TABLET Infographics (see below for the full image). The penguin's waddle is an age-old and oft-cited technique to avoid seriously injuring yourself while walking on ice, but be advised: moving like a penguin can be exhausting.

Penguins are estimate to expend about twice as much metabolic energy on walking as other terrestrial animals with similar body masses, although recent research suggests that it's the penguin's short legs — not its tottering gait — that accounts for the high energetic cost of its waddle.


Be that as it may, you're a human, so your biomechanics make walking like a penguin hard work. But it's totally worth the effort. An unpleasant alternative to walking like a penguin, after all, is falling and becoming one of the sixty Americans who die every year slipping on ice (or, at the very least, seriously injuring yourself). Plus, penguins are unequivocally awesome — why wouldn't you take advantage of this opportunity to think of yourself as one?

[TABLET Infographics via Mental Floss]

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