Pendleton Ward's 16-Page Manual on How to Draw Finn and Jake Correctly

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Adventure Time's characters have deceptively simple, pliable bodies, but Pendleton Ward's guide to drawing Finn and Jake reveals some very specific rules for how the boy and dog adventurers should look.


It's especially interesting to see what rules for Finn and Jake's appearances are kept deliberately loose (the number of fingers, the proportions of Finn's face-hole, the placement of elbows) and where the rules are stricter to maintain a sense of character and style (Finn's teeth, the actual curve of the elbow). Of course, now you can doodle deliberately incorrect Finns for fun.

How to Draw Adventure Time by Fred Seibert

Over on Frederator Studios founder Fred Seibert's Scribd account, you can check out a number of Frederator-related goodies, including a number of Adventure Time storyboards and the original pitch for Ward's Bravest Warriors:

"Bravest Warriors" Pitch by Fred Seibert

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what i really don't get in the cartoon is the constant making out talk with kids. There's a lot of weird paedo creatures like treetrunks who is constantly hitting on jake and then there's several episodes dedicated to hell/demons and how they're ok. So whoever is making up this and marketing it to kids is seriously messed up.