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Earlier this week, we got the wonderful news that Agent Carter will return for a brand new series on January 5th, and now we’ve got our first teasing look at Peggy’s new adventures. She’s swapping out punching dudes in New York for the glamour of punching dudes in Hollywood!

The TV spot aired during last night’s episode of Agents of SHIELD, and while it is short, it’s very, very sweet:

There’s a few clips from season 1 in there, but it’s mostly new, fabulous footage of Peggy kicking the ass of everyone she comes across as she heads out on a new mission with her best pal Jarvis. Peggy’s response to a man’s incredulous claim that she’s going to fist-fight her way through L.A. is pretty perfect.


Agent Carter returns for a two-hour premiere event on ABC on January 5th.