Peering Through Objects One Slice At Time Is A Surreal Experience

Artist Laurin Döpfner used an industrial sander to smooth his way through various objects one layer at a time, photographing each stratum as he went. When he was through, he compiled the images into the stop motion video you see here. The result is utterly entrancing.


This video comes by way of Chris Jobson over at Colossal, who earlier this week posted a similar project by artist Keith Skretch. Neither Skretch nor Döpfner's application of the layer-by-layer concept is entirely new* – scientists have been employing it for ages with an histological technique known as "sectioning" (a particularly dramatic example of this technique can be found in the Visible Human Project) – but they're beautiful, nonetheless.


*That's saying nothing, by the way, of medical imaging techniques, like MRI, that allow us to leaf through layers of matter without ever having to pick up a scalpel (or industrial sander).

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Um. You guys? I definitely read this headline initially as...

Peeing Through Objects One Slice At Time Is A Surreal Experience