Paul Rudd's Ant-Man and the Wasp Stunt Double Is a Badass Amputee

Image: Marvel Studio’s
Image: Marvel Studio’s

At 16, Brett Smrz lost his leg after a freak trampoline accident. Today, Smrz is a professional stunt driver and one of two Ant-Man stunt doubles you’ll see in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Production on the Ant-Man sequel began earlier this year, but last week, photos of Smrz wearing part of his Ant-Man costume and his everyday prosthetic leg made their way online and challenged everyone to rethink their ideas about what kinds of people become stunt doubles.


Smrz has spoken candidly about his fateful accident on the trampoline, but more importantly, he’s also been very up-front about how having a prothesis hasn’t really changed his life all that much. In fact, Smrz has said, it hasn’t slowed him down in the least—a determination rooted in the fact that he comes from one of Hollywood’s best-known families of stunt performers.

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Maybe I’m horrible for saying so (or maybe I’m horrible regardless), but wouldn’t an amputee be an ideal stuntperson? I mean, if something goes wrong, you can only break ONE leg. As far as insurance goes, that’s a huge benefit, right?