Paul Giamatti dares Hollywood to grow some balls and make Bubba Nosferatu

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Now here's some vampire news we can get into. Paul Giamatti is still on the war path to make the sequel to Bruce Campbell's Bubba Ho-Tep. Starring a retirement-home-living Elvis who now fights vampires, instead of mummies.


The original film told the "true" story of Elvis, played by Campbell. Due to some crazy twist of fate Elvis winds up in a retirement home with an elderly black friend who just so happens to think he's JFK. Are they crazy, or is this really old fat Elvis? It doesn't matter, because within moments a mummy is attacking the home, and it's up to these two grumpy old men to save the day. For some crazy reason, Campbell no longer wants to be a part of this franchise — we have no idea why.

But Ron Perlman has stepped up to take on the role of old Elvis. And in the sequel, he's fighting a vampire. Giamatti has been attached to this picture for a long time — he's set to play Elvis' manager. In an interview with MTV Giamatti addressed the rumors that Bubba Nosferatu was dead, saying he's tried for three years to get this feature made and he's going to "break his fucking spine in half if I have to, to get that thing done. " Then he calls out Avatar for ruining small pictures like this. We like your style PG!

We've been trying so hard and we've had so many near-misses. It's almost come together like 15 freaking times and then it falls apart. At some point we're going to get that done because it's a great script. We'll get it done at some point. I think it's just the atmosphere of movies right now, smaller movies. Nobody has the balls to make a movie for under - it's got to be a $40 million comedy or a $200 million 'Avatar,' and that's it. Those are the only things anybody wants to make right now. Nobody wants to do anything else. Everybody's terrified of doing anything else except that kind of thing. So that movie is deemed way too bizarre and outside the box right now. Which is stupid, because there's an audience for that movie, totally.


The audience is right here. Keep fighting the good fight.

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How have I never heard of this Bruce Campbell movie?

Hopefully they bring back Jack of All Trades soon.