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Paul Bettany Was Just Cast In the Han Solo Movie

Director Ron Howard continues to bring fans behind the scenes of the untitled Han Solo movie via his Twitter, today using it to confirm that actor Paul Bettany has joined the cast.


Howard and Bettany previously worked together on the Oscar-winning film A Beautiful Mind and, according to /Film, he’s taken over the role Michael K. Williams was forced to give up due to scheduling.

Williams was playing a “half-human, half-animal in the film” which, if it is indeed the same role, sounds right for Bettany. He, of course, is well-known these days for playing the equally confused Vision in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


The, yes, still untitled Han Solo movie opens May 25, 2018.


Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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titanmatrix Of

Are we not going to talk about that a role played by a black man just went to white man?