Pattinson To Twilight Fans: Shut Up!

Last night was the red carpet premiere of the infamous tween vamp movie Twilight, but the fans have been lined up for days, just hopingfor a mere glimpse of the sad-faced vamps. As early as Sunday, fans lined the streets hungry for a taste of Robert Pattinson and his messy up-do. Will they be rewarded by having Pattison scream at them to shut up, like in this special MTV clip? And just how huge a phenom will Twilight be anyway? Just check out a video of the screaming masses in line, below.According to Variety Twilight accounted for 85 percent of tickets sold at on Monday, which means I will not be going to see any movies this weekend. Here's a full report on the crazy lines: Click to view


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Wow I hope this movie rocks or else we're all gonna have a rather vicious teen girl mob on our hands.