Patrol the Skies (And Crash Dramatically) With This Star Wars Star Destroyer Drone

Air Hogs has released enough Star Wars drones at this point you could probably do a pretty good job of recreating the space battle over Endor from Return of the Jedi, if you had the time or the money—but its latest R/C toy is certainly one of its most impressive yet.

Exclusive to Walmart for now, this R/C Star Destroyer drone is just under 12" in width at its widest, and around 18" long—not as big as Air Hogs’ epic-sized Millennium Falcon, but still not bad for an Imperial flagship. It even has light-up LEDs in the engines to make it look like it’s actually moving along like it does in the films.


With a 250 feet range from its remote, the Star Destroyer also features the same gyro-stabilization technology found in Air Hogs’ other Star Wars drones, so you can get it to ominously skulk across the sky like the oppressive imagery of the Empire it actually is, instead of it drunkenly swinging about the place. And for the moments it does go out of control and crash, the actual structure of the ship is made out of a sturdy foam, so the Destroyer can take to the sky once more, instead of looking like that one that crashed tip-first into the face of Jakku.


The Air Hogs Star Destroyer will be available from Walmart for just under $90 from December 1st.


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