Star Patrick Warburton claims its too early to go into specific on the infinitely anticipated live-action reboot of everyone's favorite insane blue crime-fighting arachnid, but that didn't stop him from revealing a bunch of details about the potential Amazon show in a recent interview.

Warburton spoke with MovieWeb, and told them:

• He believes creator/showrunner Ben Edlund will make the show "darker and edgier" than the original, which I take to mean as it'll hue closer to Edlund's original comics where the Tick is more of a dangerous lunatic than a good-hearted lug


• Warburton very much wants to do the role again, and he thinks things look "very interesting and positive" on the reboot front.

• The show will benefit from modern CG and VFX.

• There will very likely be a new Tick suit, although I think Warburton is implying that the suit will be made differently, not necessarily that it'll look much different.


• That said, he was not necessarily a fan of wearing the original suit:

[The Tick] was the most fun I ever had. Except wearing the suit. When you put on a suit, and you need two tubes of K-Y Jelly to assist in putting on the suit, and then you basically spend the next 12 hours in a soup of sweat and K-Y jelly, its a side of it...That's not the most fun.'s not fun wearing that thing.

The whole interview is a fun read if you have a few; check it out here.

[Via Nerd Bastards]