Patrick Stewart Takes Family Guy To The End Of The Universe

Last night, Stewie kidnapped the entire cast from Star Trek The Next Generation to answer his fannish questions, only to wind up broken down by Captain Jean-Luc Picard's indomitability. There are four lights! Spoilers ahead...

Is it wrong to wish that this was what the cast of Star Trek The Next Generation always acts like? Turning them into whiny babies, with child-like jokes, and weird neuroses, was perhaps the funniest thing I've seen in weeks. Especially Patrick Stewart, the man did a great job of annoying the crap out of Stewie, creating a delightful role reversal where Stewie is the adult, yelling at the cast to quit trying to order beer and McDLTs at McDonald's, fantastic.


The rest of the Griffins followed Meg, as she finds God through Kirk Cameron, and then tries to save atheist Brian. He eventually folds, since being an atheist prevents him from leaving the house without getting mobbed, now that Meg has told the world his terrible secret. In other words: a typical Family Guy storyline, poking fun at American conformism, and our Franklyn-esque instistence that not believing in something is worse than being a criminal. Still, Brian's logic changes Meg's mind, after she realizes her Christian book-burning party was a bit-over-the-top (on both ends, really, because there are plenty of believers who don't burn books), but whatever - it's Family Guy, so I'll bite.

Brian reassures the now-saddened Meg that looking for the answers is all part of the human experience, and that the truth is probably more amazing than anything we could possibly imagine. Which leads to a giant pan out into the heavens past the galaxies, Men In Black-style, to reveal....

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That we're all a speck on Rob Lowe and Adam West's bedside lamp. Yes, the great reveal is a Bert-and-Ernie Rob/Adam scene that only Seth MacFarlane could pull off. I was left speechless - it was even better than the Dallas ending from a few seasons back. Plus you can never have enough Lowe or West, ever.

My only qualm with this episode was that there simply was not enough TNG, not enough at all. We've done the religion episode on Family Guy before, this wasn't surprising or new (apart from the amazing Lowe and West cameo). Watching TNG act like a gaggle of tweens was hilarious. Especially since the reunion was so highly publicized, I was hoping there would be a lot more Trek tomfoolery. I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope that the heaps of press this episode got will inspire them to bring the cast back.

Here's the entire episode, for the viewing pleasure of people in the U.S.:


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