Star Trek and Dune's Patrick Stewart just appeared on U.S. television in Hamlet, alongside former Doctor Who star David Tennant. And someone asked Stewart why his training as a Shakespearean actor prepared him to do science fiction.

From's interview with Stewart:

BE: Since you've brought up David Tennant, you touched on this earlier when discussing the sci-fi similarities, but what do you think it is about Shakespeare and sci-fi actors? I mean, there's you, David, Ian [McKellen]'s obviously done his share, and Brian Blessed, a longtime friend of yours, I remember from "Flash Gordon."

PS: And don't let's forget William Shatner.

BE: Heaven forbid.

PS: Bill worked at Stratford, Ontario. He's a classical Shakespearean actor. I think that the experience that we get in making a 400-year-old text work is exactly what you need for giving credibility and believability to fantasy, science fiction, and the like. I think that's why I was so good at it! And in Bryan Singer's "X-Men," there are a lot of stage actors in there as well.


It's really kind of noble and touching the way he insists that William Shatner is a Shakespearean actor too. Plenty more good stuff at the link. [Bullz-Eye]