Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen sure do know how to football

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As someone whose attitudes towards NFL matchups could best be described as something between indifferent and aggressively indifferent, I can say with all authority that this is the greatest Super Bowl themed photo ever taken. (Seriously, though – it's got to be up there, right?)


[Via PatStew]


I've never understood the dislike/indifference towards American football and sports in general that people have on here. Is the stereotype of the typical competitor and fan ruining it before anyone gives it a chance? I love games, comics, films, series and debating, discussing, and analyzing them with possibly too much passion, but I love me some sports to.

The statistics and history of the games are a blast to study, and to see someone refine their abilities and rise above the rest is just as thrilling if not more so, than reaching the climatic battle in a great series of sci-fi or fantasy novels.(especially if it's from the team/player you support)

I feel like the media coverage and the people who support the sports, in addition to some of the more outspoken and less intelligent athletes, have given many sports a bad rep among more intelligent communities such as this one.