Patrick Osborne, Director of Feast, Will Adapt Battling Boy For Film

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In 2008, we first heard that Brad Pitt’s Plan B production company had picked up the rights to Paul Pope’s excellent Battling Boy. Now we finally have some movement on it. And fabulous movement it is: Patrick Osborne, director of the Oscar-winning Feast, will direct it for Paramount.

Battling Boy is so ready for the big screen, it’s kind of amazing. It’s a book light on dialogue and heavy on insanely fun action that — if Osborne and Paramount get it right — would be amazing to see.

Pope told Entertainment Weekly that Battling Boy came about because “I began thinking: What is the Superman we need for today? And I thought, ‘I think kids would love to see a kid who kills monsters.’”


Which is... pretty much what you get: a twelve-year-old son of a war god who has to fight demons and monsters. Oh god, I hope this movie is good.


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This article got me all kinds of confused. I forgot that Feast was an animate short and just kept thinking of Feast, the project greenlight horror movie. And I was like “that won an oscar??!” It’s early, but IMDB cleared it all up for me.

Not this is not a critique of the article, but rather my critical thinking skills.