Pathogens with a Purpose Are Stalking Humanity in "Contagious"

If you love hard science thrillers, you'll want to check out Scott Sigler's new novel Contagious. It's about a terrifying epidemic caused by a virus with a mind of its own.

Sigler is the author of several other near-future biopunk thrillers, and his podcast is a favorite among people who love futuristic tales. Contagious, he told me by email, has a lot of unexpected twists - and the virus is something he promises will be weird and unlike anything you've seen before. It hits bookstores on December 30, just in time for reading in that safe, cozy cave you make under the covers this winter.


Sigler says:

I'm also giving away the entire novel as both a serialized, unabridged podcast and as a serialized PDF. The episodes post every Sunday in both forms, and so far the first two episodes are available at

Not content to tease you with his podcasts, Sigler has organized an ARG-esque poster campaign. Along with 11 other blogs, io9 has gotten an original poster for the book (you can see it right there) which gives you some clues about what you'll see in the novel.

Adds the author:

There are twelve posters in all, each on a different blog, and each foreshadowing a key plot element. If you get all twelve and put them together in the right pattern, you get a final clue for the book's big finish. For a list of other blogs hosting a poster, hit this link.


Get the full-sized poster as a PDF here.

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