Paterson Joseph: "I Am Part Of Long List For New Who"

How convinced are we that David Tennant will be replaced as Doctor Who's eponymous Doctor by Paterson Joseph? Let's just say "unconvinced, but hopeful." While original source Rich Johnston is even more sure of the rumor ("All I'm saying is that after publishing I received information that made the story more likely, not less," he wrote this week), Joseph himself is playing it cool, telling SciFi Wire "I am on a list of God knows how many others, but flattered to be considered." If we're David Tennant, there are plenty of worse replacements than Joseph. We wish him luck. [SciFi Wire]


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Am I the only one worried they're going to run out of Doctors? If I recall correctly, he only gets 13 regenerations, and he's already on his 10th. What are they going to do three actors from now?