"Patch Town" follows the plight of the unwanted Cabbage Patch Kids

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We've got four amazing short films we can't wait to show you for this week's Cult Movie Worship, Plus, meet an Australian Bigfoot, who's called a "Yowie" Down Under!


Yowie And The Magpie

We're absolutely in love with the visuals from Dylan White's short. Sure, it's been around on Vimeo for two years, but this is the first we've ever heard of this tale (written by Tim Telling). Plus, with the excellent cryptid summer we've had, it felt quite perfect. And again, it's gorgeous! Watch the Aussie story now.


In The Fall

What happens at the end of it all? Do we see a bright light? Meet our maker? Will our entire life flash before our eyes? We kind of like Steve Cutts' hand-drawn meditation on death.

Space travel According to John

If you haven't seen Jamie Stone's gorgeous sand animation about one child's vision of space, GET WATCHING NOW!


Mongrel's Creed

Watch as dancing unites a pack of reprogrammed victims in this short directed by Tom Noakes and written by Will Goodfellow.Via Quiet Earth.

Patch Town

Take a look at the warped trailer for Craig Goodwill's Patch Town (which is heading to TIFF). The film follows the unwanted kids born of the cabbage patch. It's kind of brilliant and we're really surprised no one thought of this until now!

This satirical comedy-meets-musical clashes the folklore of Soviet era oppression with the mindless, excessive consumerism of the 1980. Welcome to Patch Town.


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We already know what happened to the unwanted Cabbage Patch Kids.