Illustration for article titled iPassengers/i Contemplates the Petrifying Thought of Trying To Swim With No Gravity

We still haven’t seen much from Passengers, Sony’s new scifi flick about two humans on a luxurious colony ship woken out of stasis decades before they’ve reached their new home—but we have makes us intrigued. This latest clip, however, just has us petrified thinking about what happens when artificial gravity is turned off mid-swim.

Released through Entertainment Weekly today, the clip sees Jennifer Lawrence’s character Aurora go for a dip in the ship’s pool, when a power outage suddenly knocks out the gravity on board.


Suffice to say, it doesn’t lead to some sort of fancy version of that water ballet bit from Revenge of the Sith. It leads to Aurora freaking the hell out as she struggles to escape the suddenly-insurmountable sphere of water that’s formed around her. It’s surprisingly tense in a way we didn’t really expect from this movie. Passengers hits theaters December 21st.

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