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Ignore rumors of a most heinous remake; there's really only one place to go for more excellent adventures from William S. Preston and Ted Theodore Logan, and that's the semi-forgotten 1991 comic spin-off Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Comic Book. It comes right from the pen of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast writer (and Milk and Cheese creator) Evan Dorkin. From time-traveling to prevent the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, to watching Planet of The Apes marathons with Death, this 13-issue series not only had it all but was willing to share.


Following on from Dorkin's comic version of second movie Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, the monthly Most Excellent Comic Book aimed to take a different tack on the characters... mostly because Dorkin didn't really like the movies:

I'm not a big fan of Bill and Ted, I don't even like the music, but I really found the characters easy to write. You just make them see something amazing that would make the average person drink a beer or drop dead and then they just go "Whoa, cheap looking . . . " You know, like they see the big bang and they think it's dumb.


So, instead of retreads of the movie plots, Dorkin came up with stories that saw the characters travel to other dimensions (including one made up entirely of lost socks), put zombies to work as unpaid decorators, help a newly-unemployed Death find a new career, become superheroes and accidentally destroy time by saving Lincoln from being murdered. Unlike the somewhat shitty cartoon series, the comic worked because it didn't try and redo the movies over and over again, even if doing so might have kept the comic alive for more than a year.

Long out of print, the entire series was recently collected by SLG in two volumes as Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Adventures. Pick them up and, indeed, "party on." "Dudes."

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