It may almost be March here in the real world, but you wouldn't believe it by looking at the list of comics reaching stores tomorrow. There's definitely a very... Presidential vibe going on.

It is, in actuality, another relatively quiet week for new launches this week, oddly enough. San Francisco's Wondercon convention is this weekend, after all, so you'd think publishers attending would want to have something new to show off... but then, they may have used up all their big books at the start of the month for New York Comic Con.


DC Comics are almost entirely quiet, and Marvel's books of note are pretty much confined to New Avengers #50 — in which the New Avengers meet the newer Dark Avengers, for an Avengeroff — and an oversized hardcover collection of the first twelve issues of Mighty Avengers, Marvel's third Avengers title. I'd make a joke here about there being too many Avengers comics, but in May, they're launching two more, including (no joke), Lockheed and the Pet Avengers. Just think about that one for a second.

Also hitting the oversaturation point: Barack Obama. Sure, the gleam is beginning to tarnish a little bit already, but that's not stopping him appearing on the cover of three different publications this week: Wizard magazine has a cover featuring Alex Ross' Superman-inspired pose from last year's San Diego Comic-Con, Youngblood sees him front and center, picking a new team of superheroes to star in the book, and the Savage Dragon has him either shaking hands with the eponymous superhero or, in a Wondercon-exclusive, punching Osama Bin Laden — I promise you, I'm not making that up. That alone is a reason to get to San Francisco this weekend.

Book of the week, then, is almost unique by being a relatively big-name project in an otherwise dead-aside-from-Obama week: Doctor Who: The Whispering Gallery is something that we've mentioned before, but that doesn't mean that Ben Templesmith's art has gotten any less impressive in the meantime. Even if the story is terrible — and that's unlikely, given Leah Moore and John Reppion's history — it's got to be worth picking up for that art alone.


If you voted for John McCain, don't worry (Well, about comics, at least); the complete list of this week's new comic releases will still be able to offer you all manner of possibilities for you to spend your money on. Go and check it out, and then use the Comic Shop Locator Service to find out where that money should be spent. Yes, you can.

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