Participate in the largest drug-use survey ever conducted

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Drugs play a huge role in our lives, but it's hard to find in-depth research on how people take them and what effect it has on their lives. Here's your chance to help change that.

For the last several years Britain's Mixmag — a popular dance music magazine — has been gathering international data on drug use (from alcohol to amphetamines to Viagra) and its implications through its annual drug surveys. The surveys, which gather anonymous reports of drug use from thousands of people around the world, have been billed as "the place where the world goes to find out real people's attitudes and experience of drugs," and are widely consulted by academics and policymakers alike to identify and understand trends in the way people consume drugs. And this year, The Guardian has partnered with Mixmag and Global Drug survey to bring the survey to its largest audience yet; that means they want to hear from you.

The survey was created by consultant addictions psychiatrist Adam Winstock in hopes of gaining a more "honest" perspective on drug use (both legal and otherwise) and its real medical, social, and legal implications. If international participation in the survey continues on its present course, Winstock expects that it could soon become the most extensive survey of its kind ever conducted — making it the largest, most comprehensive repository of information on trends in drug use in the world. According to Winstock:

This study will provide an honest description of how people interact with drugs, including alcohol, tobacco, prescribed and non prescribed medications and the impact that their use has upon people and their friends. Whilst most drug surveys focus on dependent drug users or those involved in criminal justice, rarely is there a focus on that vast majority of other people who use drugs, the "hidden masses".

It will reflect current drug use patterns across the country and more widely. We will explore the good, the bad and the ugly. Our results will describe the actual experience and impact of drug use on people, from the legal and wider consequences of being caught in possession with drugs, to how drugs effect a person's interaction with their family doctor.


The survey takes about 10—20 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous. You can participate in the survey by clicking here.

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