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Parks and Rec's Chris Pratt is officially Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy

Illustration for article titled emParks and Recs/em Chris Pratt is officially Starlord in emGuardians of the Galaxy/em

Marvel just announced that Chris Pratt of Parks and Recreation and Zero Dark Thirty fame has won the role of Peter Quill, the astronaut who becomes the intergalactic superhero Starlord, in the James Gunn-directed Guardians of the Galaxy movie. This is weird. It's not bad, necessarily, and it's possibly quite good, but it's definitely very, very weird. Pratt's had a few serious roles here and there, but he's best-known for his comedy skills. Meanwhile, Guardians of the Galaxy has plenty of humor, but I don't think Marvel fans would classify it as a comedy.


It seems unlikely Marvel would hire Pratt to lead a movie where his role was purely dramatic (or as dramatic as a movie with a talking space-raccoon can be). It's by no means impossible — but there are plenty of other Hollywood actors that could have fulfilled that role (and Marvel reportedly looked at all of 'em). So does that mean GotG might be Marvel's first outright superhero comedy? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, Marvel's got a pretty solid track record with casting so far, so I'm inclined to give Marvel and Pratt the benefit of the doubt. Sure is weird, though.

[Via First Showing]

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I really liked him in Zero Dark Thirty.

When I heard he was playing one of the Devgru/Seal Team 6 operators, I figured that him and the filmmakers wanted to completely subvert the type of character he's been associated with playing on P&R for so long, and show him as a straight-faced man of action.

So when I got around to seeing the movie, I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only did he approach his role with some of the recognizable Andy Dwyer charm, but in a way that not only didn't feel out of place, but actually accentuated his character in a very interesting and positive way.

He ended up being one of the handful of characters I can still clearly remember from the movie.