Parks And Recreation's Next Season Will Be "Very Gently Scifi"

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Where does the sitcom about city government in small-town America go after last week's season finale? Spoilers ahead if you haven't gotten a chance to watch the episode yet.

In an interview with HitFix, Parks and Recreation co-creator Mike Schur talked about the episode's final minutes, which sees Leslie Knope and her friends three years into the future, after she's settled into her new job and her life with triplets. Of course, it's not just Pawnee that has jumped into the future; it's the whole world, and Season Seven will be set in 2017.

While Schur isn't planning to show any big technological changes, he does see some fun opportunities for acknowledging that the show is set in our future:

[HitFix:] Also, how much, if at all, are you planning to deal with the 2017 of it? Will everyone be wearing Google Glass and shiny jumpsuits?

Mike Schur: Rule number one for the writers when we committed to the jump was: no hoverboards. No one is allowed to pitch that everyone is on hoverboards. It's going to be very very gently sci-fi.

[HitFix:] Are you going to have to be vaguer about references to politics and pop culture next season, as a result of the jump? And, if so, will it be harder to write for Tom as a result?

Mike Schur: Yes, we will have to be vaguer, obviously, though it also seems fun to do some David Foster Wallace-style projecting into the near future. That's what I mean by "gently sci-fi" — there will be the opportunity, should we be so inclined, to make jokes and references to what we imagine the cultural and political landscape to be in 2017.


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Damn. First they nab the Decemberists to be on their season finale, now this? I'm going to have to start watching this show, aren't I.