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Parenting is Hard In New Black Mirror Season Four Trailer

Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix

Kids these days. What with their fidget spinners and shooty games and invasive neural implants.


Or, well, that last one isn’t reality. Yet. In a new trailer for the fourth season of Black Mirror, the possibility is considered, and as is usually the case for Charlie Brooker’s nouveau Twilight Zone, the results don’t seem promising.

In episode “Arkangel,” a scared mother gets something implanted into her daughter’s brain following a kidnapping scare in a quiet suburban neighborhood. No indication on what precisely the thing does, but with the horror movie imagery surrounding the daughter—those barking dogs!—it’s likely to have unintended consequences. I’m putting money on her murdering both her parents by episode’s end. Any takers?


“It’s completely safe,” says the mom. Totally. The episode, which will be directed by Jodie Foster, also has a promotional poster, courtesy of Black Mirror’s Twitter account. You can watch the trailer below. Still no word on the season’s release date.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

I’m putting money on her murdering both her parents by episode’s end.

Like Black Mirror would let anybody off that easily.