Parasyte Trailer Shows the Horror of Your Body Turning Against You

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This is the trailer for the first part of the two-movie adaptation of the manga Parasyte. The manga had some intense body horror going on, which, if the trailer is any indication, the films will faithfully show.

Parasyte takes place in a world where alien parasites take over humans bodies by entering our noses and ears and attaching themselves to our brains. The story specifically follows 17-year-old teen named Shinichi Izumi, whom a Parasite unsuccessfully tries to take over. The alien can't get into his ears or nose, so it enters his arm. Since the two are forced together, they reach an accord and fight the Parasites who see humans as food.

Not only has Parasyte proved to be too much for a single film — the adaptation being split into two films — it's also getting a television anime version this fall.


Now, excuse us, we have to go stare in a paranoid manner at our own arms.

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Corpore Metal

Your body turning against you? Sounds like puberty.

Or at least it sounds like my puberty.