It was probably only a matter of time before a reality TV show crew showed up in Haven. But these paranormal investigators prove to be quite competent—which may not be a good thing for the denizens of Maine's weirdest little town.

The idea that a crew of reality show ghost hunters meeting up with some real supernatural hijinks is quickly becoming a trope in itself—recently done quite well by Supernatural with the "Ghost Chasers." I appreciate that Haven decided to defy a lot of the expectations that come with the trope. Far from being incompetent glory seekers with a bunch of useless equipment, the Darkside Seekers are actually a pretty grounded pair, armed not just with supernatural lore but also a good sense of their First Amendment rights. Plus, finally some intrusive filmmakers who backup their files offsite!


I also appreciated Darkside Seeker Seth's reasons for being in Haven. I can only imagine that the reason that camera crews don't show up constantly in Haven is because most people possess a firm sense of denial. Lord knows that plenty of unTroubled Havenites do. But Seth's childhood experience in Haven—seeing a man walk out of the water and carry his friend off toward the waves—is so inexplicable, so perfectly creepy, that it would naturally be seared into his brain. Haven almost always does understated and weird better than it does over-the-top and special effects-driven.

And the idea that they couldn't air their footage of the Rougarou because it looked like it had been added on in cheap post-production? Brilliant.

I will say, though, that I rather expected a degree of incredulity on the Darkside Seeker's part regarding the nature of the Troubles. The guys did a nice job poking at some of Haven's quirks, like how much weirdness gets written off as gas leaks and that Vince and Dave manage to keep things under wraps despite being not terribly tech-savvy, but I feel that there was a missed opportunity to have fun at the expense of the absurdity of the Troubles. Sure, it's one thing to believe in werewolves, but quite another to believe that Haven hasn't been wiped off the map when numerous denizens have the ability to do the wiping. And Seth's speech about not exploiting Troubled folks at the end was all well and good, but it would have felt more honest if he his experience in Haven had involved people who were deeply, genuinely suffering as a result of their own Troubles.


But the Darkside Seekers did more than promise to keep Haven's secrets. They also identified a link between Jennifer and a trashy paperback that acts as a book of prophecy, perhaps messages from Agent Howard. Now she suspects that she is the "Child of Ruin" mentioned in the book, who can summon a door and banish William from Haven.

Judging from the promo for the next episode, it looks like we will be getting a lot of answers as this season rolls to a close. Who are Jennifer's parents? Who was Audrey at the very beginning? And if she figures out who she is, will she also be able to figure out a way to rid Haven of the Troubles for good?


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