Paranormal Activity Seems Slightly Less Terrifying With Mummies

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Paranormal Activity was a scary movie, but we're not really sure how a similar film that swaps demon problems for Mummy issues can be scary. Especially after the Stephen Sommers's Mummy films, but The Mummy Archives is still getting made.


Does anyone really find Mummies scary anymore? Dimension Films hopes so. According to the LA Times Spanish director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego, The King of the Hill (El Rey de la Montana) is directing and Douglas Wick is producing.

The film will focus on several young people who are haunted by a mummy curse, with the action playing out very much in the unseen realm, as both the audience and the characters frequently experience the effects of the curse without seeing it explicitly.


This of it as an arty Mummy movie with Paranormal Activity tricks. We're intrigued, to say the least, but we're still not sure the Mummies are scary anymore, period.

Image via SNL's Firelight.

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Has there BEEN a "scary mummy" movie in forever? I mean, the Brendan Fraser films (which I really enjoy, finding them to be fun b-movies) have a couple of moments, but they aren't horror, they are adventure. I'd give mummies a go, because ACTUAL mummies are creepy as hell! I'd have some body horror into the mix too— sticking wire hangers up people's nose to liquify their brain...