Paramount's Adaptation of The Stars My Destination Finally Gets a Writer

Illustration for article titled Paramounts Adaptation of iThe Stars My Destination /iFinally Gets a Writer

We first heard that Alfred Bester’s intense The Stars My Destination was being made into a movie back in March. And it looks like Paramount and Disruption Entertainment are full-steam ahead, finally figuring out who has the chops to adapt this sucker.


Deadline reports that David DiGilio (Traveler) has been picked to write the screenplay. He joins director Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island) and producer Mary Parent (Pacific Rim). They’ve taken on quite a challenge in this one.

The Stars My Destination is the story of Gully Foyle, who is attacked, marooned in space, and imprisoned. Which would be enough action, but then Foyle decides to get revenge. There’s a relentless uptick in the pace of the book; we’ll see how well the movie pulls it off.


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This is my own personal “greatest sf book ever.” At some points it feels like the book is literally on fire as you’re reading it. Gully is such a great character and so alive on the page, I don’t know how you find someone to play that part. But, I’m curious to see someone try no matter how much it will inevitably annoy me.