Illustration for article titled Paramount Thinks Transformers 4 May Be The Best Picture Of The Year

Because they've just taken out an ad asking the Academy to consider the movie about giant robots blowin' shit up for Best Picture, as well as pretty much every other available Oscar. Transformers 4 was the least egregiously awful movie in the franchise, but does that achievement make it Oscar-worthy? I say thee nay.


Seriously, what the fuck? Did a drunken Paramount executive promise Michael Bay they'd try to get him an Academy Award? Because I don't think there's enough cocaine in the world to make a studio executive truly believe any Transformers movie is worth an Oscar. Surely this is more an attempt to make Bay feel loved as opposed to a serious campaign to convince Hollywood that somehow Transformers 4 is somehow 2014's pinnacle of cinematic achievement. This scene notwithstanding:


[Via Cinema Blend]

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