Parallel Worlds Hide Dark Secrets in Netflix's Danish Thriller Equinox

Well, that’s not the ideal thing to see when looking in a mirror now, is it.
Well, that’s not the ideal thing to see when looking in a mirror now, is it.
Screenshot: Netflix
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Netflix’s campaign to make you watch all the European sci-fi seems to be on another winner with our first, intense look at Equinox. Turns out, parallel universes: not great!

Equinox, from Tea Lindeburg, follows radio host Astrid (Danica Curcic), traumatized by the disappearance of her sister in a mysterious bus accident 20 years ago. But when someone calls into her show claiming to know the truth of what happened to her sister and the other people on the bus, she finds herself pulled into a bizarre world of secrets, and dark things hidden in a world adjacent to our own reality.

It’s the kind of weird, dark sci-fi that makes it a natural get for Netflix alongside the likes of, well, Dark, and other series like The Rain and The Society. Which hopefully means we’re in for a treat, but equally likely means we’re also going to start hoping it doesn’t get canceled after a few seasons if it ends up being as intriguing as it looks.


Equinox is set to drop on Netflix on December 30.

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I already learned from Stranger Things and Dark that parallel universes are bad. You either end up as food or a host for some eldrich abomination or you end up banging your aunt and destroying the world over and over again.