Paradox Girl Is One of the Best Time Travel Series We've Read All Year

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Time travel can be incredibly hard to get your mind around for storytelling—but Paradox Girl is a comic that manages to use the most daunting elements of time travel, all the complex loops and non-linearity, in some of the smartest and funnest ways we’ve ever seen. It makes for one hell of a comic.

Written by Cayti Borquin and with art by Yishan Li, Paradox Girl follows the adventures of the titular heroine as she fights crime with her best pal Axiom Man, and gets through life with the amazing power to instantly travel through time and space, happily co-existing with different copies of herself from different times. Sometimes those different copies help her save the day from giant monsters... sometimes they help her get her favorite brand of waffles that were last on shelves in the ’80s. Paradox Girl has to deal with bickering with her copied selves as she bumbles through her adventures, as well as with the fact that her time travel abilities have basically caused her to forget her real past and origins.

Illustration for article titled iParadox Girl/i Is One of the Best Time Travel Series Weve Read All Year

Not everything in Paradox Girl is told in a straightforward manner, as various copies of Paradox Girl fly out through the pages to be present exactly where they needs to be. Through the many twists and turns, we see each layer of Paradox Girl’s time travel shenanigans form the wider story. Take a look at the first issue of the series, recently hosted on Imgur by the creators, and see just how well Paradox Girl handles its non-linear concepts in a really fun, yet clever way.

The first three issues of Paradox Girl first released after a successful Kickstarter earlier this year, and the next three are currently being funded by a new Kickstarter, due to end this Sunday, December 11th.


It’s already reached its goal, but if you want to check out the Kickstarter and grab the other issues ahead of their release in January next year, you can check it out at the link below.



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What is it about the 80s and toaster waffles?