Padmé's Personality (and Sense of Style) Get the Spotlight in This Short Star Wars Video

Unfortunately there’s no “U” in her name to stand in for for “unamused.”
Unfortunately there’s no “U” in her name to stand in for for “unamused.”
Screenshot: YouTube

Queen, senator, wife of the future Darth Vader, mother of Luke and Leia Skywalker, tragic figure in Star Wars history—pretty much everything we know about Padmé Amidala is epic and oversized when it comes to her role in shaping the galaxy far, far away.


This new short video from Star Wars Kids on YouTube, however, gives us a little more insight into Padmé’s life and personality using the letters of her first name, illustrated with animated Clone Wars clips, comic-book panels, and live-action footage featuring Natalie Portman’s big-screen performance. “P” is for “passionate,” “A” is for “adaptable,” and so on.

The tone here is as cheery as you’d expect from something aimed at kids, so the darkness in Padmé’s life doesn’t really get much mention—but fortunately her smashing wardrobe does.

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That scene is still cringe when Padme tells Anakin, “I truly... deeply love you” It wasn’t earned and felt forced.