Pacific Rim: The Black Reveals Its Villain, and It's Not a Kaiju

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Screenshot: Netflix

Man, the young stars of Netflix’s upcoming Pacific Rim anime spin-off The Black just can’t catch a break. They get abandoned by their parents for years in an extremely post-apocalyptic Australia filled with giant, human-hating monsters, and now they have to deal with this jerk?


The second trailer for the series debuted today at this year’s IGN Fan Fest, and it’s got a lot more going on than the first trailer. We get to see little Taylor and Hayley get ditched by their parents, find their Jaeger, and run into trouble beyond the kaiju who are running around—namely, a Brian Cox-looking guy who seems to have some nefarious plans in general and for the kids in specific.

I guess we don’t know for certain this is definitely the series’ non-kaiju antagonist, but 1) old white guys are always trying to exploit the post-apocalypse for their selfish gains, and 2) men who stand ominously still in raging fires don’t tend to be the good guys.

I’m not the biggest Pacific Rim fan by any stretch, but this trailer really looks quite good! I guess I’ll be tuning in when the series comes to Netflix next Thursday, March 4.

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