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Apparently desperate to leave behind the days of Capeside and Dawson's Creek behind forever, Joshua Jackson is willing to do anything to make sure that new JJ Abrams drama Fringe is a hit, pouring his blood, sweat and tears into the show. But, as he explained recently, mostly his blood.Talking to SciFi Wire, Jackson revealed that not all the stunts on the show are as faked as you may think. Or, for that matter, as the actors may like:

I guess I can tell you that I was tortured, but I can't tell you why or by who. But, yeah, being tortured is bad. This is a bad day. It's not good for anybody... I actually, and I'm not kidding, and I can't tell you exactly why, but I ended up in the emergency room. Something went wrong with one of the props, and I ended up sort of bleeding quite a bit. So it was intense, it was very real. They better [use that shot]. If I bleed in a shot, they had better. I don't even care if it's a terrible take. I don't care if my performance is awful. if I'm bleeding I want it on screen [laughs].


He also revealed that, while the show may be an ensemble, there's definitely one break-out star already... and it's not who you may think:

Nobody shares a scene with the cow. Jean is the star of every scene that she is in. Yeah, the cow's name is Jean, yeah. That's my life, circa 2008.


Fringe premieres September 9th. Fringe's Jackson Spills All [SciFi Wire]

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