Pablo Picasso Was Inspired by Octopus-On-Girl Action [NSFW]

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Pablo Picasso's paintings had numerous influences, from the old masters to African artifacts. A new exhibit explores a heretofore little-studied influence on Picasso's work: Japanese erotic art, including some of the tentacled variety.

The Picasso Museum in Barcelon has just launched "Secret Images," which explores Picasso's fascination with Japanese erotic art and how it influenced his paintings. The exhibit showcases 19 prints from Picasso's personal collection alongside 27 Picasso works they are believed to have inspired. One of the five rooms in the exhibit focuses on tentacles, and highlights the famed print by Edo period artist Hokusai Katsushika. Hokusai is perhaps best known for his print The Great Wave off Kanagawa, but he also delved into shunga, or erotic art. One of the most famous pieces of Japanese erotic art, Hokusai's Diving Girl with Octopus, was a particular inspiration of Picasso's and Picasso made his own version in 1903.

"Secret Images" runs through February 14th at the Picasso Museum.


Picasso's Japanese erotic inspiration on show in Barcelona [AFP via Japanator]

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And that's how I spent a year in Osaka without ever eating takoyaki. I like my appetizers sans rape, arigato gozaimasu.

p.s. I just sat here for 5 minutes trying to decide if I thought the action in this picture is consensual or rape and whether or not I should use the word rape in my comment and what that implies about hentai and my perception and and and my head just exploded. This link helped. #pablopicasso