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Fancy owning Hurley's winning lottery ticket or finding out exactly what Desmond and Penny's love letters to each other actually said? Now's your chance: Props from ABC's Lost will be sold off after the series finishes next year.


The auction itself will be happening next summer, but attendees of Disney's D23 convention in Anaheim this weekend, will get a chance to see a sneak of what'll be on offer:

Profiles in History, the world's largest Hollywood memorabilia auctioneer, will offer fans of the hit ABC television series, LOST a special preview of their Summer, 2010 auction, with a display of authentic props, costumes and set pieces including Kate's toy plane, Hurley's winning lottery ticket, Locke's hunting knife, Sawyer's letter and many other surprises!


The props will be on display at Profiles in History's booth, 1930, for the length of D23, which runs September 10th through 13th at the Anaheim Convention Center.

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