Ow! I Feel Bad! The Psychedelic James Brown Freakout That Brought Tim Robbins Down

This is sort of a dream sequence, sort of a hallucination — but mostly, this funky-ass scene from Jacob's Ladder is 100 percent awesome. Tim Robbins has a brain-melt to the tune of James Brown's classic jam, "My Thang." Spoilers...

How this scene fits into the dream sequence/hallucination/epilepsy attack canon is complex, given the big reveal at the end of the film. Suffice to say, Robbins plays a Vietnam veteran who had an experimental hallucinogen tested on him, which was supposed to increase his aggressiveness. Thanks to WindowLickinDayWalker for the suggestion!


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While I can certainly understand the genius of this movie, I didn't really like it. It just didn't speak to me. The scene shown is a perfect example. Absolutely brilliant film making but leaves me a bit "meh". I guess I didn't care that much about our hero and couldn't empathize with his plight.

I feel the same way about "2001". I can understand how the movie is a work of genius, but I just can't seem to stay awake. It just bores me to tears. I know the story, I love the classic lines, all that. I just can't seem to actually like the movie. #music